Tumblr Buddhism

  • Katie LeBlanc University of Maine at Farmington


In our globally connected world, it is important to understand other cultures, including their history, their present, and their hopes and needs for the future. We have so many opportunities to do this, including the valuable resource of the Internet- which can be used within a culture to provide services to people unable to physically attend some parts of cultural life or to communicate with others who share a history, and it can be used for intercultural education. However, the World Wide Web offers many chances to spread misinformation from unreliable and appropriative sources, even if they have positive intentions. Moreover, online retail can give cultures a chance to sustain themselves in a global capitalist world, both economically and religiously —or it can be used to sell cultural facets misrepresented by companies with no cultural history, essentially stealing money from a culture and allowing people with no background to wear religious or otherwise specific and special motifs in an inappropriate way. There are many ways to appreciate a culture different from our own in a respectful and nonappropriative way, and as humans living in this world together, we owe it to each other to try.

Faculty Mentor: Kristin McLaren

Dec 1, 2016
Social Sciences