The Generational Separation Within the Wiccan Religion

How Age Shapes Beliefs and Practices

  • Julie Szamocki Eastern Connecticut State University


A major limitation within studies of Wicca regards the generational separation between practitioners. The intent for this study was to analyze how age and generation can influence the shape and belief system of the practicing Wicca.  Based on semi-structured interviews with individuals who self-identify as Wiccan, two distinct groups--separated mainly by age--were recognized. Variables such as age, stake in conformity, education, political affiliation, and familial satisfaction were measured to illustrate the differences between the two groups. These differences include attitude about social media, belief in the existence of individualized Wicca, and how the political and social climate is changing. Individual narratives were recorded and analyzed using a grounded theory approach. Using the qualitative analytic software Dedoose, the qualitative measures of this study were coded for emergent themes.

Faculty Mentor: Nicolas Simon

Jan 6, 2019
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