Political Discourse Between Presidential Candidates and the Media


  • Natalia Giacomozzi Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts


framing, news, Biden, Trump, Media Literacy


The foundation of framing theory is to illustrate what kind of messages the public receives in mass communications such as news consumption or scrolling social media. Based on framing theory and its connections to media literacy and media ecology, my research compiles interpretations of various media organizations pertaining to policies vouched by incumbent President Donald J. Trump and Democratic nominee Joseph R. Biden. This paper will educate the public about the extent to which framing theory gravitates and functions in the relationship between what is portrayed in the press and what information the audiences take away from those portrayals. An example of this is Fox News publishing an article with the headline “When will the U.S. recession end? Most economists say late 2020 or early 2021” and an individual reader 1 focusing on the article’s first three paragraphs rather than the entire context serving as the center of the piece.

Faculty Mentor: Prof. Shawn McIntosh

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