Dark Money and Super PACs in American Politics


  • Daniel Sheffield University of Montevallo


campaign finance, elections, Super PACs, dark money, Citizens United


This study examines the role that money plays in American politics, specifically focusing on the corrupting influence of dark money and Super PACs. The author outlines the role that money has played throughout American history and the laws governing the current system and analyzes the effect and corrupting influence that money has on each branch of American government: the executive, legislative, and judicial. A comparison is made between the role money plays in the American political system and the political systems of European nations. There is a discussion regarding the validity of money in American politics. The author concludes by presenting solutions to curb the unethical behaviors of dark money groups and Super PACs to decrease corruption, increase transparency, and shift the balance of power influencing politicians from the economic elite and special interest groups back to the American people.

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Alexander Mechitov 






Social Sciences