Examining the Relationship Between Gender and Field of Study


  • Lex Hart
  • Jake Wedge


Gender, Field of Study, Gender Identity, Non-Binary, Academic Major


The way that gender is perceived has changed rapidly over the past decade. There is a
growing consensus that gender is not something that can be measured in the binary, but is instead
a continuum on which everyone lies somewhere. Our study will be conducted on college
students to examine how their gender identity predicts fields of study. We hope to find that
people’s chosen fields of study will correlate with stereotypes associated with their gender
identity rather than assigned birth gender. In cases where their gender identity stereotypes
correlate with their chosen field, they will report more dedication and attachment. We expect that
people will gravitate towards fields of study that match with their gender identity due to
pressures from society to conform and getting less pushback for their choice, leading to higher
attachment and comfort.





Social Sciences