Student Engagement & Philanthropy

  • Jason Perry University of Montevallo


Small, public liberal arts universities are faced with an issue many large universities have overcome: the gap between when students graduate and their first contribution to their university. This issue stems from the philanthropic nature of students while they are enrolled. This project addresses this issue by determining the factors that lead to current students not giving to their University and why that behavior persist as young alums. Using secondary research, this article evaluates initiatives used by universities to address this issue. Through
primary research, this study will determine the factors that lead to an unengaged and non-philanthropic university culture specific to the University of Montevallo. Recommendations are made on how Montevallo – and other small, public liberal arts universities – can change the non-philanthropic culture. This research is significant because it addresses a relationship issue that drives alumni donation dismay as faced by many small, public universities.

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Amiee Mellon

May 13, 2018
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