Globalization of Bollywood: The Role of Online Media Content in Reaching Global and Local Audiences


  • David Tierney Ramapo College of New Jersey


Bollywood, Globalization, cosmopolitanism, patriarchy, violence


The globalization of Indian cinema more specifically, Hindi cinema – also known as Bollywood – has allowed viewers throughout the world to hear a different narrative than what is generally heard in the West. Much of this media content can be disseminated through technological advancements such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu. By using these platforms, messages can be shared across borders and physical geographies in an unprecedented way. To further cater to and captivate the attention of a global audience, many of these narratives address global issues, placed in local settings, thereby bringing this discussion towards cosmopolitanism in Hindi cinema. The reach that is available through streaming services questions whether the ideology of cultural hegemony is being pushed in certain geographical areas. This study seeks to explore and understand how Bollywood has used certain narratives and new technologies to reach its global audiences of diasporic Indians and global non-Indians.

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Ruma Sen






Social Sciences