Social Media, Body Image, and Self-Esteem

A Study on How to Press “Like” in Real Life


  • Sara Hosbach
  • Satatrupa Dasgupta


Social media, body image, self-esteem, student confidence, photo-editing


Overwhelmed by a high variety of responsibilities, social media has become an outlet for college students. The usage of these platforms has led to an increase in photo editing apps that has resulted in a high comparison of users due to an unattainable image of beauty. Piling onto the academic and extracurricular priorities of college students, social media’s subliminal messaging regarding body image affects the perspective students hold for themselves. In order to analyze and understand the extent of these effects, mixed methodological research was conducted via secondary data analysis and surveying. Conclusions unveiled editing on social media intensifies comparisons among college students resulting in adverse effects such as lowering self-confidence, increased disordered eating and eating disorders, and greater consumerism. Additional research is needed to advise and monitor change as well as ensure improvements.






Social Sciences