Psychoanalysis and the Evolution of Psychological Research Represented in Films


  • Kristen C. Ryan University of South Carolina Aiken


psychoanalysis, stop-motion animation, developmental psychology, applied psychology


Psychology and art are interdisciplinary fields that affect almost every aspect of daily life. The core development of both fields traces back thousands of years. In recent centuries, they have become more connected. This is most evident during the 20th century, when artists begin to interpret the theories in their works. The films in this study reflect two periods of research. The first pair (Alice and Streets of Crocodiles) highlights developmental theory, while the second (The Periwig Maker and Madame Tutli-Putli) displays daily application of theories. Despite the differences, both pairs contain portions of psychoanalytic theory to connect them. This study analyzes symbols and theory elements in animated psychodramas such as Streets of Crocodiles and The Periwig Maker. Creating a dialogue between the two fields in a set context. Showing that as psychological research changes, artists, specifically film makers, reflect the transition in their approach to style and narrative.

Faculty Mentor: Jeremy Culler






Social Sciences